Super Stopwatch

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A stopwatch with profiles for iOS

Super Stopwatch is a stopwatch application with customisable events. Events are useful when you need some notification at a specific time and you can't look at the stopwatch. Events can be spoken, play sound or vibrate at specific time. Events can be also configured to announce you stopwatch time or lap time. Events can be repeated or fired only once. Events can be timed from start of stopwatch or from start of current lap. Super Stopwatch groups events into profiles. Switching between groups of events is made easy by selecting the active profile. All records are saved into history.

Top Features

Here are several causes that make our application worth paying attention to

  • Modern design

    User interface has been designed in modern flat style with respect to be clear, simple and readable even from grater distances.

  • Profiles

    Customizable profiles which group user defined events. Enabling a specific group of events is done simply by choosing active profile.

  • Sharing

    Saved records can be shared via mail, message, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Speech

    No more looking at the screen to know current time or lap time. Events can be configured so that times will be spoken regularly by the app.

  • Sounds

    Various sounds can be assigned to events to notify user when they occur.

  • Multitasking

    Stopwatch is running even if application is in background or when device is locked.

Support for landscape orientations.

Our application supports landscape orientations with even bigger fonts which leads to better readability from greather distances.


  • Flat Design

    User itnerface is designed to be simple and readable from greather distances.

  • Speech options

    User can turn On/Off spoken announcement of event name, current time and lap time.

  • Customizable sounds

    User can assign various sounds to events which will be played when the event is fired.

  • Vibration options

    User can turn On/Off vibrations for events.

  • History

    All records are saved to history.

  • Sharing

    Saved records can be shared or copied to clipboard.

  • Locking

    Interface can be locked manually or automatically after a given time to prevent accidentally taps on buttons.